The Protection You Need

As a tenant, you require insurance for your personal belongings and protection against personal liability.

A Comprehensive Tenants* policy protects:

  • Your contents – for their replacement value, without deduction for depreciation
  • Additional living expenses – 20%-40% of the contents limit
  • Personal Liability – a minimum of $1,000,000 worldwide personal liability coverage is included, with higher limits available

Many Comprehensive* packages include additional coverage at no extra charge:

  • Personal Property covered while at your workplace, or while temporarily removed from your home, anywhere in the world**
  • Protection for illegal use of your credit card or automated teller machine card**
  • Contents of your food freezer**
  • Coverage for student’s personal property when attending school full-time, away from home**
  • Fire department charges
  • Cost of replacing locks if your keys are stolen during a burglary**

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* Certain conditions may apply
** Limits apply